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This long sought after relic buried within the catacombs of OoT's Yaz0 blocks was thought to be impossible to enable. Luckily, it was enabled by default in the debug ROM, giving us insight on what it was like. Using this feature, a user can navigate through Ocarina of Time's different worlds without having to travel. You can set the cutscene, time of day, age, and some other things. Incredibly useful for debugging when you're replacing/adding levels. The default and only (original) language for the map select is Japanese, although some of the level titles are written in English. However, with the help of GlitterBerri, we have been able to translate the entire map select as well as many other debug features.

As of now, the map select has been proven to be present in every Nintendo 64 Zelda game, and as such, has been enabled in each, although they rarely differ.

Something vital to note: the N64 map selects run in "beta quest" mode by default, meaning that the exits are screwed up (usually off by one). Because of this, one can have a difficult time finding the level they want to go to. Luckily, john_smith_account has made a code to combat this. Once the game boots up (the following code & map select enabled, of course), press a and proceed to the map select menu. Press the START button when selecting maps, and the exits will be valid. To leave a map and return to the map select menu, press L. You can find these codes under their respective map selects.


Exit fix code has been improved upon. "Perfect" version of the code, currently only for OoT 1.0 (U) and MM 1.0 (U), now works exactly like the OoT Debug ROM version.

Ocarina of Time

Version 1.0 (U)

As stated previously, enabling the map select in 1.0 was thought to be an impossible feat. Standard OoT's map select has 115 maps, none of which are beta. It also has two N64DD test maps, the first test requires a 64DD under N64, game loads Ura Zelda disk. The second doesn't work.

810F1434 00B9
810F1436 E400
810F1438 00BA
810F143A 1160
810F143C 8080
810F143E 09C0
810F1440 8080
810F1442 3720
810F1448 8080
810F144A 1C14
810F144C 8080
810F144E 1C08
D10F1430 803B
8011B92F 0000
D11C84B4 2030
8011B92F 0002
D11C84B4 2030
811DA2B4 0EC0

"Perfect" Level Select
Hold Z, and then press L + R to bring up level select anywhere while

Version 1.1 (U)

810F15F4 00B9
810F15F6 E5A0
810F15F8 00BA
810F15FA 1300
810F15FC 8080
810F15FE 09C0
810F1600 8080
810F1602 3720
810F1608 8080
810F160A 1C14
810F160C 8080
810F160E 1C08

Exit Fix

D01C8675 0020
8011BAEF 0002
D01C8674 0010
8011BAEF 0000

Version 1.2 (U)

810F1A74 00B9
810F1A76 E430
810F1A78 00BA
810F1A7A 1190
810F1A7C 8080
810F1A7E 09C0
810F1A80 8080
810F1A82 3720
810F1A88 8080
810F1A8A 1C14
810F1A8C 8080
810F1A8E 1C08

Version 1.0 (E)

Ported to said version by xdaniel.

810EF384 00B9
810EF386 DB40
810EF388 00BA
810EF38A 08A0
810EF38E 09C0
810EF390 8080
810EF392 3720
810EF398 8080
810EF39A 1C14
810EF39C 8080
810EF39E 1C08
810EF3AC 0001

Version 1.1 (E)

810EF3C4 00B9
810EF3C6 DB80
810EF3C8 00BA
810EF3CA 08E0
810EF3CC 8080
810EF3CE 09C0
810EF3C0 8080
810EF3C2 3720
810EF3C8 8080
810EF3CA 1C14
810EF3CC 8080
810EF3CE 1C08

Ocarina of Time Gamecube

GameCube (E)

810EE2A4 00B8
810EE2A6 AAA0
810EE2A8 00B8
810EE2AA D720
810EE2AC 8080
810EE2AE 0850
810EE2B0 8080
810EE2B2 34D0
810EE2B8 8080
810EE2BA 1A40
810EE2BC 8080
810EE2BE 1A34

GameCube (J)

810F0924 00B8
810F0926 B2B0
810F0928 00B8
810F092A DF30
810F092C 8080
810F092E 0850
810F0930 8080
810F0932 34D0
810F0938 8080
810F093A 1A40
810F093C 8080
810F093E 1A34

Master Quest

Master Quest Debug ROM

The map select is enabled by default here, so there are no codes nececary. However, if you wish to translate the map select to English, you must translate it with Cooliscool's Zelda Edit. Unlike the retail version of OoT, the Debug Rom features 10 new maps and removed both N64DD Test maps (Which pointers pointed to the Deku Tree). These maps consisted of both incredibly beta, and test maps used during production of the original version.

Master Quest (U)

810EE284 00B8
810EE286 AA80
810EE288 00B8
810EE28A D700
810EE28C 8080
810EE28E 0850
810EE290 8080
810EE292 34D0
810EE298 8080
810EE29A 1A40
810EE29C 8080
810EE29E 1A34

Master Quest (J)

810F0924 00B8
810F0926 B2D0
810F0928 00B8
810F092A DF50
810F092C 8080
810F092E 0870
810F0930 8080
810F0932 34F0
810F0938 8080
810F093A 1A60
810F093C 8080
810F093E 1A54

Master Quest (E)

810EE284 00B8
810EE286 AA80
810EE288 00B8
810EE28A D700
810EE28C 8080
810EE28E 0850
810EE290 8080
810EE292 34D0
810EE298 8080
810EE29A 1A40
810EE29C 8080
810EE29E 1A34

Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask (U)

Majora's Mask's map select has ~120 maps. At first, there was speculation that a few of the maps at the very end of the list were beta. This has been disproved, however.

811BDA04 00C7
811BDA06 ADF0
811BDA08 00C7
811BDA0A E2D0
811BDA0C 8080
811BDA0E 0910
811BDA10 8080
811BDA12 3DF0
811BDA18 8080
811BDA1A 1B4C
811BDA1C 8080
811BDA1E 1B28
D11BDA00 8077
801F331B 0000
D13E6B3A 2030
801F331B 0002
D13E6B3A 2030
813FF394 0114

"Perfect" Level Select
Hold Z, and then press L + R to bring up level select anywhere while

Majora's Mask (J)

Ported to said version by MNGoldenEagle.

811B8894 00C9
811B8896 C1C0
811B8898 00C9
811B889A F6D0
811B889C 8080
811B889E 0AD0
811B88A0 8080
811B88A2 3FE0
811B88A8 8080
811B88AA 1D0C
811B88AC 8080
811B88AE 1CE8
D01FB9E1 0020
811F33BE 0001
D01FB9E0 0004
811F33BE 0000
D01FB9E0 0008
811F33BE 0000

Majora's Mask 1.0 (E)

811BE194 00DC
811BE196 0060
811BE198 00DC
811BE19A 3540
811BE19C 8080
811BE19E 0930
811BE1A0 8080
811BE1A2 3E10
811BE1A8 8080
811BE1AA 1B6C
811BE1AC 8080
811BE1AE 1B48

Majora's Mask 1.1 (E)

811BE534 00DC
811BE536 0180
811BE538 00DC
811BE53A 3660
811BE53C 8080
811BE53E 0930
811BE540 8080
811BE542 3E10
811BE548 8080
811BE54A 1B6C
811BE54C 8080
811BE54E 1B48

Majora's Mask USA Demo

Ported to said version by xdaniel

811BD236 AFA0
811BD238 00C7
811BD23A E480
811BD23C 8080
811BD23E 0910
811BD240 8080
811BD242 3DF0
811BD248 8080
811BD24A 1B4C
811BD24C 8080
811BD24E 1B28
811BD25E 0280

Majora's Mask: GameCube (U)

811BC0D4 00C8
811BC0D6 75B0
811BC0D8 00C8
811BC0DA AA90
811BC0DC 8080
811BC0DE 0880
811BC0E0 8080
811BC0E2 3D60
811BC0E8 8080
811BC0EC 8080
811BC0EE 1A98

Majora's Mask: Format

003E6D30 - Number of entries
143 - 8F Entries

Start of level select names: 0077E5A2
First entry 0:OP - 0077DE90
Last entry SPOT00: 0077F610

0077E52C - New line data


Unknown author.

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