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Here's a list of when the debugger or whatever last checked the the game before the releasing/compile of the data for Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

Majora's Mask

Region Version Build Date
Japan 1.0 zelda@srd44 00-03-31 02:22:11
Japan 1.1 zelda@srd44 00-04-04 09:34:16
USA Kiosk Demo zelda@srd44.00-07-12 16:14:06
USA 1.0 zelda@srd44 00-07-31 17:04:16
Europe 1.0 zelda@srd44 00-09-25 11:16:53
Europe Debug Version (1.1?) zelda@srd44 00-09-29 09:29:05
Europe 1.1 zelda@srd44 00-09-29 09:29:41
USA Gamecube zelda@srd021j 03-08-26 04:20:25
Europe Gamecube zelda@srd021j 03-10-04 00:40:20
Japan Gamecube zelda@srd021j 03-11-06 01:25:18

Ocarina of Time

Region Version Build Date
Japanese 1.0 zelda@srd44 98-10-21 04:56:31
USA 1.0 zelda@srd44 98-10-21 04:56:31
Japanese 1.1 zelda@srd44 98-10-26 10:58:45
USA 1.1 zelda@srd44 98-10-26 10:58:45
Europe 1.0 zelda@srd44 98-11-10 14:34:22
Japanese 1.2 zelda@srd44 98-11-12 18:17:03
USA 1.2 zelda@srd44 98-11-12 18:17:03
Europe 1.1 zelda@srd44 98-11-18 17:36:49
Japanese Gamecube zelda@srd022j 02-10-29 23:49:53
USA Gamecube zelda@srd022j 02-12-19 13:28:09
Europe Gamecube zelda@srd022j 03-02-21 20:12:23
Japanese Gamecube (Zelda Collection) zelda@srd022j 03-10-08 21:53:00
Japanese Master Quest zelda@srd022j 02-10-30 00:15:15
USA Master Quest zelda@srd022j 02-12-19 14:05:42
Europe Master Quest Debug zelda@srd022j 03-02-21 00:16:31
Europe Master Quest zelda@srd022j 03-02-21 20:37:19

Build Code Format

I know I'm probably missing a few versions. There's another thing I must mention as well. I was looking for USA Gamecube version of OoT but can't find it until I get a GCM of the OoT collection that was released for the Gamecube. I looked all over the internet, and also found some that said E and U are the same. Well, I can say the same for MQ (E) and (J), but at least that makes sense (cuz Japan is closer to Europe).

Everyone get TS' extractor and do me a favor, go through your own personal copies of OoT which I have not listed. Then, go find the largest generated ASM file and go to the very very end of it to find a format which will look like this:

zelda@srd022j 03-02-21 20:37:19

Here's how the format should work:

zelda = Development team codename or project name given to game. Remember, the rom's header is just "The Legend of Zelda", so this could be similar. 

@ = at, so this is referring to a physical place, not an email. 

srd = Systems Research & Development, Nintendo's programming team that worked with Nintendo's EAD team to develop the game.

022 = the group number 

J = group origin, J = Japanese, U = USA, E = Europe, ect 

03-02-21 = Because this game was developed in Japan, it uses a different date system. So this means it's Year, Month, and Day 
(As opposed to American Month, Day, Year). So in this case, this build was created on Feb. 21st, 2003. 

20:37:19 = Using 24 hour clock, just like the dating before. 20 = hour, 37 = minute, 19 = seconds. 
With the 12 hour clock, this would read as 8:37 PM EST with 19 seconds added on.