Zelda 64 Scene Listings: Ocarina of Time (U) (v1.2)

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      Offset            Name
02499000 024A6A10   Deku Tree
01F12000 01F27140   Dondogo's Cavern
0273E000 027537C0   JabuJabu's Belly
023CF000 023E4F90   Forest Temple
022D8000 022F2970   Fire Temple
025B8000 025CDCF0   Water Temple
02ADE000 02AF7B40   Spirit Temple
027A7000 027BF3C0   Shadow Temple
032C6000 032D2560   Below the Well
02BEB000 02BFC5F0   Ice Cavern
02EE3000 02EF37B0   Ganon's Tower (Second Part)
02875000 02886530   Geruode Training Grounds
03292000 0329F920   Thieves' Hideout
0318E000 031AF7C0   Ganon's Tower
033CA000 033D1F10   Ganon's Tower (Floor beneath boss chamber)
0344A000 0344EB00   Ganon's Tower Crumbling (Exit)
033A6000 033AD1B0   Treasure Chest Shop
02EB4000 02EB5740   Deku Tree Boss
02EA8000 02EAA860   Dondogo Cavern Boss
02CB0000 02CB0E40   JabuJabu's Belly Boss
0284A000 0284B900   Forest Temple Boss
02CBB000 02CBFC00   Fire Temple Boss
02ED0000 02ED1A60   Water Temple Boss
02F57000 02F5FCF0   Spirit Temple Middle Boss
02EC4000 02EC6780   Shadow Temple Boss
02F49000 02F50C20   Second-To-Last Boss Ganondorf
02FE7000 02FF9180   Ganondorf, Death Scene
02717000 027173E0   Market Entrance (Day)
029DA000 029DA430   Market Entrance (Night)
02A01000 02A013E0   Market Entrance (Adult)
02944000 02945250   Back Alley (Day)
02A28000 02A292F0   Back Alley (Night)
022C6000 022C8670   Market (Day)
022CF000 022D1630   Market (Night)
029D5000 029D6630   Market (Adult)
03075000 030764E0   Temple of Time (Outside - Day)
030E4000 030E5500   Temple of Time (Outside - Night)
03139000 0313A490   Temple of Time (Outside - Adult)
02686000 02686CC0   Know-it-all Brothers
02AA5000 02AA67A0   House of Twins
02F79000 02F7AAB0   Mido's House
02FB4000 02FB5410   Saria's House
02C84000 02C84EA0   Kakariko Village House
03007000 03007840   Back Alley Village House
028E3000 028E32F0   Kakariko Bazaar
02586000 02586980   Kokiri Shop
02D32000 02D323A0   Goron Shop
02D5A000 02D5A390   Zora Shop
02D82000 02D823F0   Kakariko Potion Shop
02DAF000 02DAF5B0   Market Potion Shop
02DD7000 02DD7670   Bombchu Shop
03409000 03409370   Happy Mask Shop
0255C000 0255DB60   Link's House
02E01000 02E01D10   Puppy Woman's house in market
02C54000 02C54670   Stables
02E29000 02E29EF0   Impa's House
03344000 03355090   Lake Hylia Labatory.
02E57000 02E57680   Carpenter's Tent
02CCC000 02CCC510   Dampe's Hut
02CF7000 02D05000   Great Fairy Fountain
02D12000 02D1A810   Small Fairy Fountain
02D20000 02D2CDA0   Magic Fairy Fountain
026B3000 026C0820   Grottos
02D09000 02D09A90   Grave (1)
0327D000 0328A090   Grave (2)
03328000 0332CAE0   Royal Family's Tomb
02860000 0286C2C0   Shooting Gallery
02529000 0253B7A0   Temple of Time Inside
02511000 025148F0   Chamber of Sages
0290E000 0291F390   Castle Courtyard (Day)
03304000 0330D0F0   Castle Courtyard (Night)
02AA0000 02AA3D50   Cutscene Map
03033000 03041270   Dampe's Grave
030CA000 030DC6E0   Fishing Pond
02E8C000 02E8FA20   Zelda's Courtyard
03312000 03320B20   Bowling Alley
0335E000 03364C10   Talon's House
03383000 0338F550   Lots'o Pots
03394000 0339EA20   Granny's Potion Shop
033FA000 03403070   Final Battle against Ganon
03439000 0343A610   Skulltula House
01FB8000 01FE2220   Hyrule Field
01FF9000 02015150   Kakariko Village
02020000 0202BC80   Graveyard
0204D000 02058560   Zora River
0206F000 02080240   Kokiri Forest
020AC000 020C0D60   Sacred Forest Meadow
020CB000 020E6430   Lake Hylia
020F2000 020FB820   Zora's Domain
02110000 021216A0   Zora's Fountain
0212B000 0213C160   Gerudo Valley
02146000 02156430   Lost Woods
02186000 0219F4E0   Desert Collusus
021AD000 021BCE80   Gerudo's Fortress
021DC000 021E1E30   Haunted Wasteland
021F6000 0220E500   Hyrule Castle
0221D000 0223BA90   Death Mountain
02247000 02256EE0   Death Mountain Crater
02271000 0227B450   Goron City
029BC000 029CDDC0   Lon Lon Ranch
0292B000 0292FB70   Ganon's Tower (Outside)