Zelda 64 Scene Listings: Ocarina of Time (E) (v1.0)

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024EE000 024FBA10   Deku Tree
01F67000 01F7C140   Dondogo's Cavern
02793000 027A87C0   JabuJabu's Belly
02424000 02439F90   Forest Temple
0232D000 02347970   Fire Temple
0260D000 02622CF0   Water Temple
02B33000 02B4CB40   Spirit Temple
027FC000 028143C0   Shadow Temple
0331B000 03327560   Below the Well
02C40000 02C51600   Ice Cavern
02F38000 02F487B0   Ganon's Tower (Second Part)
028CA000 028DB530   Geruode Training Grounds
032E7000 032F4920   Thieves' Hideout
031E3000 032047C0   Ganon's Tower
0341F000 03426F10   Ganon's Tower (Floor beneath boss chamber)
0349F000 034A3B00   Ganon's Tower Crumbling (Exit)
033FB000 034021B0   Treasure Chest Shop
02F09000 02F0A740   Deku Tree Boss
02EFD000 02EFF860   Dondogo Cavern Boss
02D05000 02D05E40   JabuJabu's Belly Boss
0289F000 028A0900   Forest Temple Boss
02D10000 02D14C00   Fire Temple Boss
02F25000 02F26A60   Water Temple Boss
02FAC000 02FB4CF0   Spirit Temple Middle Boss
02F19000 02F1B780   Shadow Temple Boss
02F9E000 02FA5C20   Second-To-Last Boss Ganondorf
0303C000 0304E180   Ganondorf, Death Scene
0276C000 0276C3E0   Market Entrance (Day)
02A2F000 02A2F430   Market Entrance (Night)
02A56000 02A563E0   Market Entrance (Adult)
02999000 0299A250   Back Alley (Day)
02A7D000 02A7E2F0   Back Alley (Night)
0231B000 0231D670   Market (Day)
02324000 02326630   Market (Night)
02A2A000 02A2B630   Market (Adult)
030CA000 030CB4E0   Temple of Time (Outside 
03139000 0313A500   Temple of Time (Outside 
0318E000 0318F490   Temple of Time (Outside 
026DB000 026DBCC0   Know-it-all Brothers
02AFA000 02AFB7A0   House of Twins
02FCE000 02FCFAB0   Mido's House
03009000 0300A410   Saria's House
02CD9000 02CD9EA0   Kakariko Village House
0305C000 0305C840   Back Alley Village House
02938000 029382F0   Kakariko Bazaar
025DB000 025DB980   Kokiri Shop
02D87000 02D873A0   Goron Shop
02DAF000 02DAF390   Zora Shop
02DD7000 02DD73F0   Kakariko Potion Shop
02E04000 02E045B0   Market Potion Shop
02E2C000 02E2C670   Bombchu Shop
0345E000 0345E370   Happy Mask Shop
025B1000 025B2B60   Link's House
02E56000 02E56D10   Puppy Woman's house in market
02CA9000 02CA9670   Stables
02E7E000 02E7EEF0   Impa's House
03399000 033AA090   Lake Hylia Labatory.
02EAC000 02EAC680   Carpenter's Tent
02D21000 02D21510   Dampe's Hut
02D4C000 02D5A000   Great Fairy Fountain
02D67000 02D6F810   Small Fairy Fountain
02D75000 02D81DA0   Magic Fairy Fountain
02708000 02715820   Grottos
02D5E000 02D5EA90   Grave (1)
032D2000 032DF090   Grave (2)
0337D000 03381AE0   Royal Family's Tomb
028B5000 028C12C0   Shooting Gallery
0257E000 025907C0   Temple of Time Inside
02566000 025698F0   Chamber of Sages
02963000 02974390   Castle Courtyard (Day)
03359000 033620F0   Castle Courtyard (Night)
02AF5000 02AF8D60   Cutscene Map
03088000 03096270   Dampe's Grave
0311F000 031316E0   Fishing Pond
02EE1000 02EE4A20   Zelda's Courtyard
03367000 03375B20   Bowling Alley
033B3000 033B9C10   Talon's House
033D8000 033E4550   Lots'o Pots
033E9000 033F3A20   Granny's Potion Shop
0344F000 03458070   Final Battle against Ganon
0348E000 0348F610   Skulltula House
0200D000 02037240   Hyrule Field
0204E000 0206A170   Kakariko Village
02075000 02080C80   Graveyard
020A2000 020AD560   Zora River
020C4000 020D5270   Kokiri Forest
02101000 02115D70   Sacred Forest Meadow
02120000 0213B440   Lake Hylia
02147000 02150830   Zora's Domain
02165000 021766A0   Zora's Fountain
02180000 02191190   Gerudo Valley
0219B000 021AB430   Lost Woods
021DB000 021F44F0   Desert Collusus
02202000 02211E90   Gerudo's Fortress
02231000 02236E30   Haunted Wasteland
0224B000 02263500   Hyrule Castle
02272000 02290AC0   Death Mountain
0229C000 022ABEF0   Death Mountain Crater
022C6000 022D03D0   Goron City
02A11000 02A22E20   Lon Lon Ranch
02980000 02984B70   Ganon's Tower (Outside)