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Though each version of Zelda 64 is just one large ROM file, each has thousands of smaller files within, each which are deserving of a filetype classification


Main article: Scenes and Rooms

These files are what store the environment variables for different levels. Cinematics, collision data, skybox, room files etc.
Labeled by ZRE as "zscene".


Main article: Scenes and Rooms

Rooms (also known as Maps) contain geometry, textures, and actors for levels. They also contain brightness settings for individual rooms. If you have a room file without a scene file, they can be easily loaded with another scene file. The level, possibly missing a few textures & no collision, will almost always load.
Labeled by ZRE as "zmap".


Main article: Actors

These files contain the code (ASM/machine code/binary data, what ever you want to call it, I like to refer to it as ASM) for the actors in the game. They can vary from very small files to very large files. As the actor article states, actors are overlays - "mini programs" which the engine can load to a dynamic location.
Labeled by ZRE as "zactor".


These files contain animation, geometry, and textures for actors. The game uses these files in conjunction with actors to work with NPCs. An extremely useful tool for viewing object files is cooliscool's Utility of Time.
Labeled by ZRE as "zobj".


Main article: Text Format

These files contain text banks from the game. They are decompressed in the ROM for quick access. Generic text aside, there are also different text codes stored within this (color, pauses etc).
Labeled by ZRE as "ztxt".


Main article: Code

Main code block. Due to the specific nature of "code", the checks search for a specific file rather than a file type. Within these blocks, there is usually debugging information and, most importantly, filenames. Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time both contain filenames of objects and symbols in their main data block.
Labeled by ZRE as "zasm".


Unidentified data. Animations, skyboxes, icons, textures or audio files.
Labeled by ZRE as "zdata".

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