Zelda 64: OoT Music Values

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#  Name				Found at
00 Nothing
01 Nothing
02 Overworld			Hyrule Field
03 Overworld			Hyrule Field
04 Overworld			Hyrule Field
05 Overworld			Hyrule Field
06 Overworld			Hyrule Field
07 Overworld			Hyrule Field
08 Overworld			Hyrule Field
09 Overworld			Hyrule Field
0A Overworld			Hyrule Field
0B Overworld			Hyrule Field
0C Overworld			Hyrule Field
0D Overworld			Hyrule Field
0E Overworld			Hyrule Field
0F Overworld			Hyrule Field
10 Overworld			Hyrule Field
11 Overworld			Hyrule Field
12 Overworld			Hyrule Field
13 Overworld			Hyrule Field
14 Overworld			Hyrule Field
15 Overworld			Hyrule Field
16 Overworld			Hyrule Field
17 Overworld			Hyrule Field
18 Dungeon			Dodongo's Cavern
19 Kakariko Village (Strings)	Kakariko Village
1A An Enemy Is Near		Near any enemy
1B The Boss			Gohma's Lair
1C Deku Tree / Underground	Deku Tree
1D Market			Hyrule Market
1E Introduction			Introduction Cutscene
1F Inside My Home		Link's House
20 Link Falls			Death Sequence
21 The Boss Is Defeated		When a boss is defeated
22 I Have Found It!		Opening a chest containing an item
23 Ganondorf			After pulling the Master Sword
24 Power Up			Obtaining a Heart Container
25 Minuet of Forest		Minuet of Forest
26 Jabu-Jabu's Belly		Jabu-Jabu's Belly
27 Kakariko Village (Guitar)	Kakariko Village
28 Fairy Fountain		File Select Screen
29 Zelda's Courtyard		Castle Courtyard
2A Fire Temple			Fire Temple
2B Opening the Chest		While opening a chest
2C Forest Temple		Forest Temple
2D Sneaking Through the Castle	Hyrule Castle
2E Ganon's Organ		Ganon's Castle, spiral staircase
2F Lon Lon Ranch		Lon Lon Ranch
30 Goron City			Goron City
31 Hyrule Field			Hyrule Field
32 Got the Stone		When receiving the Deku Emerald
33 Bolero of Fire		Bolero of Fire
34 Minuet of Forest		Minuet of Forest
35 Serenade of Water		Serenade of Water
36 Requiem of Spirit		Requiem of Spirit
37 Nocturne of Shadow		Nocturne of Shadow
38 The Mini-Boss		In Lizalfos room in Dodongo's Cavern
39 Congratulations!		When receiving a Piece of Heart
3A Temple of Time		Temple of Time
3B Got Epona!			Hyrule Field
3C Kokiri Forest		Kokiri Forest
3D Learned a Song		Lon Lon Ranch
3E Lost Woods			Lost Woods
3F Spirit Temple		Spirit Temple
40 The Race Is On!		Gerudo Archery Contest
41 Across the Finish Line	Lon Lon Ranch
42 Ingo Loses			Lon Lon Ranch
43 Gain a Medallion		Temple of Light
44 Saria's Song			Ocarina
45 Epona's Song			Ocarina
46 Zelda's Lullaby		Ocarina
47 Sun Song			Ocarina
48 Song of Time			Ocarina
49 Song of Storms		Ocarina
4A Navi's Flying Around		Kokiri Forest
4B Deku Tree's Words		Deku Tree's Grove
4C Inside the Windmill		Windmill
4D Flight of the Goddesses	Creation Cutscene
4E Games 'n' Fun		Bombchu Alley
4F Sheik's Harp			Temple of Time
50 Zora Domain			Zora Domain
51 And It's...			First Meeting With Ruto
52 Zelda in the Sky		Ending Sequence (Clouds)
53 Time Travel			Temple of Time
54 Ganondorf!			After Link grabs the sword for the first time
55 Shop 'Til You Drop		Kokiri Shop
56 Temple of Light		Temple of Light
57 Fairy Fountain		File Select Screen
58 Ice Cavern			Ice Cavern
59 The Door of Time		Temple of Time
5A The Owl Speaks		Hyrule Field
5B Shadow Temple		Shadow Temple
5C Water Temple			Water Temple
5D The Goddesses Depart		The Balance and the Triforce
5E The Sages Unite		Ending Sequence
5F Gerudo Valley		Gerudo Valley
60 The Hag's Shop		Kakariko Village
61 Kotake and Koume		Spirit Temple
62 The Castle is Falling!	Ganon's Castle
63 Ganon's Castle		Ganon's Castle
64 Ganon Attacks		Ganon's Castle
65 Ganon's Transformation	Showdown
66 Zelda Plays Her Song		Ending Sequence (Clouds)
67 The End			Ending Sequence
68 The End			Ending Sequence
69 The End			Ending Sequence
6A The End			Ending Sequence
6B Ganondorf Attacks		Ganon's Castle
6C Gotta Catch 'Em All		Lon Lon ranch
6D+ Nothing

Nighttime SFX

00 - Standard night [day and night cycle]
01 - Standard night [Kakariko]
02 - Distant storm [Graveyard]
03 - Howling wind and cawing [Ganon's Castle]
04 - Wind + night birds [Kokiri]
05 - Wind + crickets
06 - Wind
07 - Howling wind
08 - Wind + crickets
09 - Wind + crickets
0A - Tubed howling wind [Wasteland]
0B - Tubed howling wind [Colossus]
0C - Wind
0D - Wind + crickets
0E - Wind + crickets
0F - Wind + birds
10 - Wind + crickets
11 - ?
12 - Wind + crickets
13 - Day music always playing
14 - Silence
16 - Silence
17 - High tubed wind + rain
18 - Silence
19 - Silence
1A - High tubed wind + rain
1B - Silence
1C - Rain
1D - High tubed wind + rain
1E - Silence
1F - High tubed wind + rain