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Do note that this is not a technical article and is more of an editorial on the subject

The Triforce as seen in Zelda64

The Triforce, the sacred relic of the gods, the most sought after item during Ocarina of Time release that led to rumors that occurred during the late 1990s, and even still today.

The Real Truth about the Triforce

The Triforce was indeed shown in the Early testing stages of Zelda64. The dungeon was nothing more then a remake of the original Legend of Zelda First Dungeon, to test dynamic shadowing, collision, and enemy AI. At the very end of the dungeon, instead of getting a piece of the Triforce, The full triforce was shown, however, it was never shown Link actually obtaining the Triforce.

Is it in OoT?

Let me put it simply: NO! It was thought to be because of all the confusion of beta screen shots mixed with final version screen shots, rumors, and people wanting attention, and also this website which was popular in the 90's and posted all sorts of rumors about how to get it.

If it was in OoT then it would be found by now and we would all have it, and possibly not play Zelda as much.

If it weren't for the determination of gamers such as yourselves none of the glitches/mods/hacks/codes/beta restoration would not have likely happened.

Was It in OoT?

At an early time in it's development, yes, according to the picture above, though you never see link get it in Beta shots, only look at it.

Feel free to infiltrate Nintendo HQ and take a 64dd and a Zelda64 dd disk and see for yourselves.