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oLink's texture/text related documentation

texture types (common names) linear 2,4,8,high color true color

textures lack a header nor have a definitive start and finish. Most formats are basically strings of pixel data.

high color follows a format like this(2 bytes per pixel). It's a bit by bit calculation.

A: alpha flag   B:blue  G:green (A)  R:red

Alpha flag works with each pixel having a simple existence. it just states if the pixel is visible.

In the true color format each value gets its own byte making it four bytes per pixel. 00 is transparent while FF is opaque. the colors also get arranged in the most familiar format to modern computer artists.


sizes are usually powers of 2 up to 32*64\64*32 but see F3DEX2 to
learn how to load them.

do_action_static.zdata:         Action Icon texture bank(for you translation addicts)
icon_item_static.zdata:         item textures
icon_item_nes_static.zdata:     English menus
icon_item_fra_static.zdata:     french menus
icon_item_ger_static.zdata:     german menus
icon_item_dungeon_static.data:  basement floors
icon_item_24_static.zdata:      quest status icons?
icon_item_field_static.zdata:   hyrule field map in map subscreen
icon_item_gameover_static.zdata:Game over textures
item_name_static.zdata:         item names
map_name_static.zdata:          Contains all title cards
map_48x85_static.zdata:         dono
map_i_static.zdata:             the actual maps (i think)
message_static.zdata:           the text backgrounds (there's only 4)
map_grand_static.zdata:         over world maps
map_i_static.zdata:             same as map_48x85 but with square boarders
gameplay_keep.zdata:            main bank includes textures
gameplay_dangeon_keep.zdata:    dungeon bank includes textures
gameplay_field_keep.zdata:      field bank includes textures  
message_texture_static.zdata:   x message box texture
title_static.zdata:             file select textures?
nes_font.zdata:                 the main font(I think)
nes_message_data_static.ztxt:   english text file
fra_message_data_static.ztxt:   french text file
ger_message_data_static.ztxt:   german text file
staff_message_data_static.ztxt: end credits text
elf_message.ztxt series:        unknown may be used for loading message data.