OOT Objects/Models

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These Objects/Models where Identified by Souylsin + Gamefreak. If anyone can identify the unidentified ones please do so.

Object_ahg           carpenter's son
Object_am            Armos Statue enemy 
Object_ane           Unidentified
Object_ani           Unidentified/possible beta
Object_anubice       Spirit Temple Miniboss
Object_aob           Unidentified
Object_b_heart       Beta Heart Piece
Object_Bb            Bubble (Floating head monster)?
Object_bba           Unidentified
Object_bdan_objects  Jabo Jabo objects/(inside belly)
Object_bdoor         boss door lock and chains
Object_bg            Bombchu game lady
Object_bigokuta      Big Octorock
Object_bird          Alpha Bird
Object_bji           Person/Unidentified
Object_bl            Unidentified
Object_blkobj        Dark link boss room
Object_bob           beta npc woman
Object_boj           Unidentified
Object_bombf         Bomb flower
Object_bombiwa       Rock?/Unidentified
Object_bowl          Bombchu bowling alley walls etc
Object_box           Big treasure chest/receiving something BIG (bow, slingshot)
Object_brob          Unidentified
Object_bubble        Bubble enemy
Object_bv            Jabo Jabo boss
Object_sk2           STALFOS enemy