Majora's mask(U) .ZObj name listing

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big ring(arena with door opening): 01285F30-012908D0

Mask/face: 0122BBA0-0123FC20

Frog: 015A4D20-015A5E70

sheild: 00F84750 00F85680

Majoras Mask: 0131D4B0 013561D0

Half mask?: 01607160 01607B40

Jar: 01253660-01254020

Table and structure?: 0123FC20-01253660

Balloon with Majoras mask on it: 01600220-01601980

Weird room?: 01374E30-01376F40

Kafei's face: 01596150-015970B0

Suns Mask: 015E67F0-015E7420

Gold dust: 013FB8D0-013FC5C0

Bremens mask: 01598170-015990D0

Tree: 0153BF90-0153CF20

Huge "bowl": 011CDAA0-011CEB40

Gibdo's mask: 01484130-01485570

Great fairy's sword: 01435300-01435F00

Hylian loach(beta): 01407430-014081C0