Debug ROM: gameplay_dangeon_keep

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Display list offset Description
0x440 Fire sprite
0x530  ?
0x1100 Door keyhole
0x11F0 Door chain
0x32F8 Rupee bag (BETA)
0x4CD0 Wireframe box? Glitchy in UoT
0x5050 Wooden pedestal
0x5290 Wooden box - differnet colours on sides
0x5380 Wood sprite
0x5450 Kokiri Sword icon (BETA)
0x5520 Magic Bottle icon
0x55F0 Slingshot sprite/icon?
0x5800 Normal gold-coloured floor switch
0x5AD0 Rusted floor switch
0x5D50 Normal grey-coloured floor switch
0x6170 Very slightly different grey-coloured floor switch
0x63F0 Some sort of gold block - maybe beta floor switch?
0x6610 Does not display properly in UoT
0x6810 Does not display properly in UoT
0x6D10 Crystal switch
0x6E60  ?
0x7340 Activated crystal switch. Does not display properly in UoT
0x7488  ?
0x77B0 Large crystal switch, not fully textured (possibly beta?)
0x17870 Breakable pot (has normal vectors instead of vertex colours)
0x17A60 Sprite?