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Code (File)
Scene Table
Version VRom Size
Debug 0xBA0BB0 0x00B95534 0x14B4
NTSC 1.0 0xB71440 0x? 0x1414
NTSC 1.1 0xB71600 0x? 0x1414
NTSC 1.2 0xB71450 0x? 0x1414
PAL 1.0 0xB70D60 0x? 0x1414
PAL 1.1 0xB70DA0 0x? 0x1414
NTSC MQ 0xB6F440 0x? 0x1414

Please note that Majora's Mask follows a different format
The scene table sets the internal numeric ordering for scenes, and sets certain graphical effects.


There are 109 entries in the scene table in the Debug Rom, and 101 in all commercial releases.

0x00Scene VRom Start
0x04Scene VRom End
0x08Title Card Texture VRom Start
0x0CTitle Card Texture VRom End
0x10Graphical? (affects water animation)

The last 4 bytes of the scene table are used for the following:


q = Unknown (is either 0x01 or 0x02 for some dungeons, otherwise 0x00)
r = "Scene configuration", responsible for initializing and filling RAM segments; used ex. for camera effects, dynamic textures
0x15 = screen pulses a la Jabu-Jabu's Belly
0x33 = screen shakes a la Ganon's Castle (collapsing)
0x34 = same as 0x33
0x35 - 0x37 = crashes
0x3D+ = crashes
s = Unknown (is unique value between 0x02 and 0x0A for some dungeons)
t = Nothing? (always 0x00)

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