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To all OoT/MM hackers with mods either finished or in-progress: Please add them to this list, if possible in a similar format to the other entries, including links to forum threads, screenshots, videos, etc.!

Completed Modifications

Zelda's Birthday

Modified Game Version: MQ Debug ROM
Status: Finished
Description: First full Ocarina of Time hack. It's Zelda's Birthday, and link slept in!
Members: john_smith_account's project, had help from friends (notably Xu_Yuan, DL77, Punk7890, spinout)
Tools: ZLE(2), ZAP(2), UoT, XVI32, misc. other tools
More information: Zelda's Birthday (hosted by spinout)

LoZ Dungeon Remake

Modified Game Version: MQ Debug ROM
Status: Finished, Download
Description: Remake of the Level 1 Dungeon from the original Legend of Zelda for NES
Members: john_smith_account
Tools: ZLE, XVI

Work-in-progress Modifications

Project Legend of Zelda "Ura gaiden" (W.i.p. name)

Modified Game Version: MQ Debug ROM
Status: Beta, first dungeon done
Description: A mod that tries to be for MQ what MQ was for OoT: A harder, more creative use of objects within the dungeons (with small modifications outside them). It will also contain a small side story of 'The Great Hyrulean Knights'.
Members: fang2.0 (And all the other who help when in trouble. :P )
Tools: XVI32, UoT, PJ64, this wiki and Probably more
Screenshots/Videos: 'First trailer'
'First dungeon screens'
Downloads: 'Ura Gaiden' First dungeon (From start of game to end Deku tree)
More Information check out...

Shattered Realm

Modified Game Version: Modified Debug ROM
Status: Area modelling commencing
Description: A total conversion of Ocarina of Time into a game that tells of a missing tale of Hyrule, and of a Hyrule that went missing.
Members: Arcaith
Tools: Everything at my disposal
Screenshots/Videos: NOT YET AVAILABLE
More Information check out... Thread at z64

Dead Modifications

Project 'Nightmare Mod'

Modified Game Version: MQ Debug ROM
Status: Dead, initial demo release (see below)
Description: Link suddenly awakens in a place that, on one hand, appears familiar, on the other, is different from how he seems to remember it... Starting with no equipment and with everything crawling with enemies, it's up to you to guide Link through this nightmare.
Members: xdaniel, but with thanks to Xu Yuan for advice, ideas and experimentation
Tools: Utility of Time, Hex Workshop, ZRE, Project64 1.6, this Wiki for referencing various things, etc.
Screenshots/Videos: Zelda OoT Mod "Nightmare's Proving Grounds", early video at YouTube
Downloads: 'Proving Grounds' Demo (Sacred Forest Meadow only, no further releases)

Poe7's Untitled Hack

Modified Game Version: Debug ROM
Status: Alpha
Member(s): poe7
Tools: XVI32, UoT, PJ64, this wiki and Probably more
Downloads: Coming Soon....
More Information: Thread coming soon....