Actors by Location: Ganon's Castle

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With special thanks to Despair for compiling the lists, and with thanks to Xu_Yuan and Punk7890 for helping to solve unknowns and their groups.

Please Note: List is vastly incomplete with a large amount of unknowns that do not appear anywhere else in-game, therefore, use at your own risk

0008:03F4:0001:Flame (stairs to ganon)
0008:03F5:0001:Flame (main hallway, escaping castle)
0008:03F9:0001:Flame (spirit room)
0008:03FA:0001:Flame (light room)
0008:03FB:0001:Flame (forest room)
0008:03FC:0001:Flame (fire room)
0008:03FD:0001:Flame (shadow room)
0008:03FE:0001:Flame (water room)
0008:83F0:0001:Flame (hallway in light room, 1st and 2nd spirit room)
000A:27EB:000E:Treasure Chest (holds boss key)
000A:506A:000E:Treasure Chest (holds 10 bombchu)
000A:59C1:000E:Treasure Chest (holds 20 rupees)
000A:6959:000E:Treasure Chest (holds double arrows)
000A:8023:000E:Treasure Chest (holds bombs)
000A:8845:000E:Treasure Chest (holds small key)
000A:8848:000E:Treasure Chest (holds small key)
000A:8904:000E:Treasure Chest  (holds heart)
000A:8907:000E:Treasure Chest (holds heart)
000A:8909:000E:Treasure Chest (holds heart)
000A:8940:000E:Treasure Chest (holds double arrows)
000A:8942:000E:Treasure Chest (holds double arrows)
000A:B6C6:000E:Treasure Chest (holds golden gauntlets)
000C:00FF:002C:Proximity activated Firewall
0011:3902:000B:Wall Master
0013:0000:000D:Fire Keese
0013:8003:000D:Ice Keese
0015:0111:0001:Collectable (small key)
0015:3D03:0001:Collectables (heart)
0015:3E03:0001:Collectables (heart)
0015:3F03:0001:Collectables (heart)
0038:FFFF:0025:Torch Slug
003B:0012:0001:Ambient Sound Effects (escaping castle)
003B:00F8:0001:Ambient Sound Effects (ganondorf battle room)
003B:00F9:0001:Ambient Sound Effects (stairway to boss door)
003B:00FA:0001:Ambient Sound Effects (room below Ganon’s room)
003B:00FB:0001:Ambient Sound Effects (stairway after iron knuckle room)
003B:00FC:0001:Ambient Sound Effects (iron knuckle room)
003B:00FD:0001:Ambient Sound Effects (stairway after stalfos room)
003B:00FE:0001:Ambient Sound Effects (stalfos room)
003B:00FF:0001:Ambient Sound Effects (dinolfos room)
003B:00FF:0001:Ambient Sound Effects (room with keese)
0043:FF01:002C:Rising Stone Platform
0046:0000:002C:Sinking Stone Platform
0046:0001:002C:Sinking Stone Platform
0049:5FF8:0001:Flame Circle (escaping castle)
0049:6FCA:0001:Flame Circle (surrounds boss key chest)
0054:0000:0038:Armos Statue
005E:107D:00A4:Torch (makes transparent platforms appear when lit)
005E:2400:00A4:Wooden Torch Stand (already lit)
0069:00FB:005D:Large Green Bubble (main hallway)
0069:33FB:005D:Large Green Bubble (shadow room)
0069:42FB:005D:Large Green Bubble (spirit room)
0069:52FB:005D:Large Green Bubble (spirit room)
0080:0310:0085:Spike Trap
0092:0401:009A:Golden Gauntlets Rock (infront of light room)
0092:FF00:009A:Golden Gauntlets Rock (fire room)
0097:0005:0001:Various Visual Effects (haze?)
00A5:FFFF:00A6:Grave Monster's Arm
00AF:0000:0069:Invisible Platform (moves diagonally)
00B4:FFFF:0092:Falling Rocks
00B5:0005:0092:Flying Rubble
00B5:0006:0092:Flying Rubble
00BC:0000:0069:Guillotine Blade
00C9:0002:00BC:Saria (cutscene)
00D2:0002:00CA:Adult Ruto
00E8:0001:00E1:Ganondorf (collasping cutscene)
00EF:0006:006B:Large Red Ice
00EF:000D:006B:Large Red Ice
00EF:FFFF:006B:Large Red Ice
00F0:FFFF:0001:Blue Flame
0106:0000:0000:Ganondorf Battle Platforms 
0106:0023:0000:Ganondorf Battle Central Pillar 
0111:4003:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:400E:0001:Breakable Pot (holds large magic bottle)
0111:410E:0001:Breakable Pot (holds large magic bottle)
0111:4203:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:420F:0001:Breakable Pot (holds small magic bottle)
0111:4303:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:4409:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:440F:0001:Breakable Pot (holds small magic bottle)
0111:450F:0001:Breakable Pot (holds small magic bottle)
0111:4603:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:460F:0001:Breakable Pot (holds small magic bottle)
0111:470F:0001:Breakable Pot (holds small magic bottle)
0111:4803:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:480F:0001:Breakable Pot (holds small magic bottle)
0111:4903:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:4A09:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:4B09:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:4C09:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:4D09:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:4E03:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:4F03:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:500F:0001:Breakable Pot (holds small magic bottle)
0111:503F:0001:Breakable Pot (holds small magic bottle)
0111:513F:0001:Breakable Pot (holds small magic bottle)
0111:5209:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:523F:0001:Breakable Pot (empty)
0111:533F:0001:Breakable Pot (empty)
0111:5409:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:5509:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:5609:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:5709:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:5803:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:5903:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:5A03:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:5B03:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:5C03:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:5D03:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:5E3F:0001:Breakable Pot (empty)
0111:5F3F:0001:Breakable Pot (empty)
0111:603F:0001:Breakable Pot (empty)
0111:613F:0001:Breakable Pot (empty)
0111:6209:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:6309:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:640E:0001:Breakable Pot (holds large magic bottle)
0111:660C:0001:Breakable Pot (holds deku nut)
0111:680F:0001:Breakable Pot (holds small magic bottle)
0111:6A03:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:6C0F:0001:Breakable Pot (holds small magic bottle)
0111:6E03:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:7009:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:700F:0001:Breakable Pot (holds small magic bottle)
0111:7203:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0111:7409:0001:Breakable Pot (holds double arrows)
0111:760E:0001:Breakable Pot (holds large magic bottle)
0111:7803:0001:Breakable Pot (holds heart)
0112:1809:0001:Invisible Collectable
0112:3FF6:0001:Invisible Collectable
0112:3FF7:0001:Invisible Collectable
0112:3FF7:0001:Invisible Collectable
0113:FF02:0106:Iron Knuckle (main hallway, black)
0113:FF03:0106:Iron Knuckle (spirit room, white)
0117:0141:0001:Silver Rupee (fire room)
0117:0142:0001:Silver Rupee (water room)
0117:014B:0001:Silver Rupee (shadow room)
0117:1142:0001:Silver Rupee (water room)
0117:1FC1:0001:Silver Rupee (fire room)
0117:1FCB:0001:Silver Rupee (shadow room)
012A:0502:0003:Eye Switch (makes chest appear)
012A:0782:0003:Eye Switch (frozen, makes chest appear)
012A:0803:0003:Crystal Switch (unbars door)
012A:0C02:0003:Eye Switch (makes chest appear)
012A:0F01:0003:Floor Switch (unbars door)
012A:3613:0003:Crystal Switch (removes transparent platforms)
012A:3820:0003:Floor Switch (unbars door, needs to be held)
012A:3C03:0003:Crystal Switch (lowers water spout)
012A;3712:0003:Eye Switch (makes transparent platform disappear)
012D:01C1:011C:Stone Hookshot Target (appears when all silver rupees are collected)
012D:FFC0:011C:Stone Hookshot Target
012D:FFC2:011C:Stone Hookshot Target
012E:1C91:0001:Play Ocarina Here Spot (makes chest appear)
0150:0E00:012A:Light Activated Sun Switch (unbars door)
0150:3830:012A:Light Activated Sun Switch (makes chest appear)
0150:3930:012A:Light Activated Sun Switch (makes wall master appear)
0150:3A30:012A:Light Activated Sun Switch
0150:3B30:012A:Light Activated Sun Switch
0150:3C30:012A:Light Activated Sun Switch (makes chest appear)
0150:3D30:012A:Light Activated Sun Switch (makes chest appear)
0150:3E30:012A:Light Activated Sun Switch (makes chest appear)
015F:1F0B:013A:Water Spout
0169:0001:016C:Brick Chair
0177:2000:0156:Metal Bars (collapsing cutscene)
0177:2102:0156:Metal Bars (collapsing cutscene)
0177:2204:0156:Metal Bars (collapsing cutscene)
0177:2306:0156:Metal Bars (collapsing cutscene)
0177:2401:0156:Metal Bars (room under ganon’s room)
0177:2503:0156:Metal Bars (dinolfos room)
0177:2605:0156:Metal Bars (stalfos room)
0177:2707:0156:Metal Bars (iron knuckle room)
0177:2808:0156:Metal Bars (hallway after dinoflos room)
0179:2403:0060:? (room under ganon’s room)
0179:2513:0060:? (dinolfos room)
0179:2623:0060:? (stalfos room)
0179:2733:0060:? (iron knuckle room)
0179:2843:0060:? (hallway after dinoflos room)
0187:2BFF:0001:Secret Noise (lowers flame when stalfos are killed)
0195:0000:0168:Sales Scrub (sells 5 deku nuts for 20 rupees)
0195:0005:0168:Sales Scrub (sells 5 bombs for 40 rupees)
0195:0006:0168:Sales Scrub (sells 30 arrows for 70 rupees)
0195:0007:0168:Sales Scrub (sells a red potion for 40 rupees)
0195:0008:0168:Sales Scrub (sells a green potion for 40 rupees)
01A7:0000:0179:Ganon's Tower Barrier (main room)
01A7:0001:0179:Ganon’s Tower Barrier (water room)
01A7:0002:0179:Ganon’s Tower Barrier (light room)
01A7:0003:0179:Ganon’s Tower Barrier (fire room)
01A7:0004:0179:Ganon’s Tower Barrier (shadow room)
01A7:0005:0179:Ganon’s Tower Barrier (spirit room)
01A7:0006:0179:Ganon’s Tower Barrier (forest room)
01B1:2410:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:5416:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:7411:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:9410:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF04:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF08:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF09:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF0A:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF0B:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF0C:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF0D:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF0E:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF10:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF11:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF12:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF13:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF14:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF15:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B1:FF16:0185:Ganon Battle Rumble
01B2:0000:0186:Chunk of Stone
01B2:0002:0186:Chunk of Stone
01B2:0003:0186:Chunk of Stone
01B2:0004:0186:Chunk of Stone
01B2:0005:0186:Chunk of Stone
01B2:0006:0186:Chunk of Stone
01B2:0008:0186:Chunk of Stone
01B4:0000:0179:Transparent Walkway
01B4:3601:0179:Transparent Platform (blocks door)
01B4:3701:0179:Transparent Platform (disappears when eye switch is shot)
01B4:3D01:0179:Transparent Platform
01B4:FF01:0179:Transparent Platform
01B5:0A00:0179:Web Blocked Light Window
01B5:0A01:0179:Web Blocked Light Window
01B5:0A02:0179:Web Blocked Light Window
01B6:0000:004A:2D Stone Wall (in light room)
01B6:0002:004A:2D Stone Wall (infront of sales scrubs)
01B7:0000:006B:Large Ice Block
01C7:0000:006B:Ice Stalactite
01C7:0002:006B:Ice Stalactite
01CC:0000:0060:Princess Zelda
01D6:183A:0190:Navi Green Spot
01D6:983A:0190:Navi Green Spot