Zelda GCN: STB Cutscene Files

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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker stores cut scene data in files with the suffix .stb. These files contain camera directions, actor X/Y/Z data and animations, text, particles and music. All of these are stored under different sections somewhat randomly scattered throughout the file.

File Header

The first three bytes of the file are the ASCII letters STB, followed by the values 00 FE FF and 00 03. The four bytes after that are reserved for file size in hex.


The JACT header is used for actor-related data. It typically follows this format:

xx xx xx xx J A C T 00 00 00 uu yy yy yy zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz 04 07

x = Size of the entry
y = ID of actor
z = X/Y/Z coordinate and rotation data. This needs to be separated into X, Y and Z.

Note that the size of the actor ID and coordinates vary from section to section.


The rest of the data in JACT is typically animation data. It follows this format:

59 00 uu 00 xx 00 04 08 62 00 00 00 yy 00 04 07 63 41 F0 00 00 02 00 00 C8 80 00 00 20 00 04 09 62 41 A0 00 00 04 07

x = Animation. This is the what number the .bck is in the archive, starting from 0x01 (IE, if an animation was the first file after all the header information, it would be indexed as '1').
y = Loop type
u = Unknown

Note that these entries do not have a uniform size and vary from section to section.


Text pointers. To do.


Particles from the .jpc particle banks. To do.


Unknown. To do.


Sound effects and music. To do.


Probably camera instructions. To do.


Sage of Mirrors (AKA Gamma)