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{{ infobox software
{{ infobox software
| name = Wind Viewer
| name = Wind Viewer
| author = xdaniel (original)
| author = xdaniel
| developer = [[User:xdaniel|xdaniel]] (original); Abahbob, phofe, etc. (branch)
| developer = [[User:xdaniel|xdaniel]] (original); Abahbob, phofe, etc. (branch)
| operating system = Windows
| operating system = Windows

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Wind Viewer
Original author(s) xdaniel
Developer(s) xdaniel (original); Abahbob, phofe, etc. (branch)
Written in C#/C
Operating system Windows
Available in English
Type Graphical viewer/editor
License Open source
Website Thread at The GCN, active branch at GitHub

Wind Viewer is a level viewer and editor for Zelda: Wind Waker and (to an extend) Twilight Princess. It evolved from earlier C-based prototypes, which were in turn based on Twili's partial DZB documentation and initial DZR modifications sparked by Kargaroc's actor replacements. Documentation about DZR and DZS files format is available on this Wiki.


The program works on RARC archives extracted from a WW or TP disc image. Levels are stored there in subfolders inside the \Stage folder; each of those contains a Stage.arc and at least one Room#.arc. The former contains certain level-wide information (including some actors or models, but excluding collision, unlike OoT/MM) while the latter contain the room models, collision and such.

To edit a level, just open the archive(s) of the room(s) you want to edit via the menu, as well as optionally the stage archive. Each of the loaded files can then be browsed for editable data; chunks that contain editable data are highlighted with different colors, while selecting other chunks opens a hex viewer panel. Selecting an actor, door, waypoint, etc. from one of the chunks opens a panel on the right-hand side of the window, similar to those of Utility of Time or SayakaGL, which allow changing of that entity's position, type, parameters, etc.



Wind Viewer, .NET rewrite, release 2 (C# Windows binary + source)

Wind Viewer, release 2 (C, Win32 binary + source)


Source on GitHub