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The scene table starts at the address 0xBA0BB0 in the full ROM.
Please note that Majora's Mask follows a different format


xxxxxxxx yyyyyyyy aaaaaaaa bbbbbbbb qqrrsstt (repeats for each entry, 109 entries total)
x = Start offset of scene
y = End offset of scene
a = Start offset of texture displayed when area is loaded
b = End offset of texture displayed when area is loaded
q = Nothing?
r = Camera effects (unlisted values have no apparent effect)
0x15 = screen pulses a la Jabu-Jabu's Belly
0x33 = screen shakes a la Ganon's Castle (collapsing)
0x34 = same as 0x33
0x35 - 0x37 = crashes
0x3D+ = crashes
s = Nothing?
t = Nothing?

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